Membership Section of the NTSC Web Site will be unavailable until late November/early December

As we announced in the club e-newsletter, the membership section of the web site is currently being upgraded and will be unavailable until late November or early December. It is typically done at this time of the year because there are no trips etc. to be booked.

You will receive an e-mail note sometime in late November or early December with instructions about how to log into the Members Login section as well as a new password and user name. You will also be given instructions about how to log in for the first time and how to change your password to something that you choose and will remember.

Who to contact in the interim

If you need to contact us about changes to your e-mail address, home address, phone number, etc. information that you submitted on your application form, please notify

If you just need the e-mail address changed to receive the weekly e-newsletter (some of you choose to receive the e-newsletter at an e-mail address other than the one specified on your application form) please send the request to

Please be sure to specify whether the e-mail change is to be made to just your membership information, the e-newsletter mailing list, or both.