Nordic Ski School

Great instructors will make your cross country experience less of an effort and more fun. You'll get up and down those insurmountable hills with newfound confidence and zeal. Improve your technique and reduce risk of injuries at any level. Whether you're a "first timer" or a "seasoned skier" we want you and your guests! Lessons are free to you and your guests on day trips.

NTSC Nordic Ski School offers superior instructors who are CANSI (Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors) certified.

Our goal is to mentor the next generation of instructors by fostering excellence and enthusiasm in cross country skiing with increased participation.

Don't hesitate to contact if you have any questions, no matter how big or small.


Nordic skiing is divided into two types - Classic and Skate.

Classic: This is the traditional method of skiing performed on either groomed tracks or other terrain.

Skate: The newer style of performance Nordic skiing requires machine groomed surfaces and is best done with specifically made ski equipment.

For more information on cross country skiing technique development and what you can look forward to from your lessons, please refer to the CANSI "Ski Your Best Program"


Regular cross country lessons are available for all levels, Classic or Skate, from beginner to expert, as part of your Saturday or Sunday day trip package. Lessons run from approximately 10:30am to 12:00 noon. Check the day trip schedule for weekly destinations.



NTSC assists our instructors to qualify and maintain CANSI cewrtification and provides ongoing skill improvement opportunities. Instructors are paid and receive complimentary bus and trail fees on the days they teach. If you are already a strong skiier and interested in advancing your skills, consider becoming an instructor! Contact




Bonnie Cook, CANSI Level 1

Winters have become much more enjoyable since I joined the NTSC 10 years ago. I always look forward to a day out of the city, enjoying scenic trails and the company of fellow x-country enthusiasts. Please come join us in the winter woods!
Michael Leigh, CANSI Level 1

I think that everyone and anyone should try cross country skiing. It is one of the best ways to appreciate the winter. While I have personally been skiing since I was 5; it was NTSC and the other instructors who got me on to teaching. I could go on but would instead direct you to my autobiography Memoirs of an Urban Joust. The following is a quote regarding what turned out to be a large raccoon; “Was that a moose? Someone go and get me my liquor and we will go wrestle it.”
Stephane Marcotte

I have been cycling competitively for a few years now and I was looking for a complementary winter sport. I found that Nordic Skate skiing fit the bill perfectly. It keeps me fit and it’s both FAST and lots of FUN.

Now that I have become a more proficient skier I want to take a more active role and teach others to also become better skiers.

"Let it snow"
Grethe Jensen - Instructor in Training

Currently preparing for CANSI Level 1. Wish Grethe good luck when you see her!

When I joined the North Toronto Ski Club, I already had many years of skiing experience, and thought I was a competent skier. But then I started taking lessons! Wow! Now, I no longer fall when I ski downhill, and I can turn and stop so much better! I am now learning the skating technique, and hope to certify by the end of this season.
Mike Morrison, CANSI Level 2

I downhill skied with NTSC for about 20 years before taking up cross country for the last 20 years.

I got my Level 1 certification in 1989 and have been teaching with NTSC ever since. Last year, I finally went for my level 2 certification and passed along with 2 other cub members. There has been a big iprovement over the years in the Nordic Ski School.
Janine Charland, CANSI Level 2

I started cross-country skiing ten years ago when I joined the North Toronto Ski Club. I learned how to ski and became a ski instructor through the club. Skiing in the woods helps keep my sanity and fight the winter blues in the city. I hope I can convince you to join us for a wonderful nordic ski day.
Marie Claude Masson,
CANSI Level 1

I started skiing when I was 7 years old - downhill & cross-country skiing. As a teenager, I taught 3 to 5-year olds how to downhill ski. What a gratifying experience! Once I joined NTSC, I didn't even know one could take cross-country ski lessons... I always went along with the terrain. What a thrill it was to become more "efficient" on my skis, wasting less energy and actually gliding on the snow. The lessons were so great, I decided to become a cross-country ski instructor myself as I want to continue to improve my technique and share the passion with others. Winter is much shorter and more fun when you play outside.
Mary Ann Stumpf, CANSI Level 2

I decided to take up cross country skiing about ten years ago. I was tired of becoming a couch potato in winter and of thinking of the season as best experienced from behind a window! Nordic skiing is great exercise and there is more than enough challenge to improve. Best of all though, I love getting out in the forests and fields, the fresh air and the snow. Who knew you could feel too warm below zero!
Caroline Cohen, CANSI Level 2

This is me with my nephew and Nordic protégé, Jeremy, 8. We got him on skis by the age of 3, whereas I only began cross-country skiing at the ripe old age of 7, with a stint of racing in my teens. I joined NTSC in 2000 where I was shown the skating ropes and became an instructor. I finally got my CANSI level 2 last season. To my mind, there is nothing better than gliding down a track in the sunshine, with no sounds to be had except the wind in the trees and your own heart beating. Come on out for a Nordic lesson and catch some of my enthusiasm for this great winter sport.