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jason   Snowboard Technical Director:
Jason Hewitt

We are pleased to have Jason Hewitt returning as our Technical Director. Jason has Level III and Park Instructor CASI certifications.

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For a complete overview on how snowboard lessons operate and other details on the snow school, please see the Alpine Snow School Overview page.


Regular 2 hour snowboard lessons are available for all levels, from beginner to expert, as part of your Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday day trip package. Cost is included in your membership fee. Lessons run each day from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 and will be available for 10 weeks beginning January 2, 2010. Check the day trip schedule for the listing of destinations.

You will be placed in a small group of boarders of similar ability. We have classes for never-evers, beginners, novices, intermediates and advanced. (see descriptions below)

If you want to try snowboarding for the first time, we will help you through the rental shop, guide you to suitable safe terrain, help you through those first exciting moments on snow and get you happily through the morning.

If you'd like, instructors are available for a small fee for private and semi-private lessons in the afternoons. This is your chance to get personal coaching, or team up with a friend. If you've already boarded, but are looking to have fun improving your riding, we offer lessons for all abilities. We will help you learn to balance, slide, turn, carve, play in the moguls, try the half pipe, catch some air, stomp some rails, race gates and have a great time. Our instructors are there to guide you while you discover the joys of snowboarding using a progressive approach.


Students of advanced ability are welcome to join and learn with us! Any advanced student is welcome, however, the program is focused on instructor riding and teaching improvements.

You are welcome to learn the rope of teaching snowboarding by shadowing one of our senior instructors and on most day trips, the NTSC snowboard instructors have a session for their own improvement from 1:30 to 3:00 p.m.

Please contact the technical director or one of the snowboard instructors if you would like to attend this session.


  • Never Ever:
    First time rider, never been on a board before and keen to try!

  • Beginner:
    Had a lesson or two, learning to turn on green runs.
  • Novice:
    Can turn on green runs with control.

  • Advanced Novice:
    Completely comfortable on green runs. Starting to ride blue runs.
  • New Intermediate:
    Can ride most blue runs, with conservative speed.

  • Intermediate:
    Enjoys all blue runs.
Advanced Intermediate
  • Aggressively rides blue runs with speed and control. Slides down some Ontario black diamond runs!
  • New Advanced:
    Comfortable on groomed black diamond runs at a moderate speed.

  • Advanced:
    Rides groomed black diamond runs with speed and control. Rides the moguls at moderate speed.

  • Expert:
    Rides all black diamond terrain.



Over the course of the season, we will be offering some specialized snowboard clinics in racing, carving, boarder-x, half pipe & terrain park. These clinics will be open to any intermediate snowboarder or above, and will be offered in place of the regular day trip lesson on the specified dates. When booking your daytrip online, please indicate interest in the clinics by using the comments section of the form.


Introduction to Park/Pipe*, Intermediate Park/Pipe* , Boarder-X


Racing/Gates , Boarder-X


 * Helmets are a compulsory for the Terrain Park. They may be rented at the Hill.


What is Boarder X ?

In Boarder X, also know as "BoarderCross", several riders (usually 4, but sometimes 6) race down a course similar to a motorcycle motocross track (with jumps, berms and other obstacles constructed out of snow on a downhill course). Competitions involve a series of heats, traditionally with the first 2 riders in each heat advancing to the next round. The overall winner is the rider that finishes first in the final round.

We DO NOT race or compete as a club, but provide a clinic for snowboarders to learn about the skills required for riding through these courses races. For information on how to compete in these races, please see the Association of Ontario Snowboarders - AOS

What is Race/Gates ?

In this type of event, snowboarders race downhill through sets of gates requiring plenty of technical skill as well as speed.

What is Park/Pipe?

A terrain park is an outdoor area that contains terrain that allows snowboarders and skiers to do tricks. Features in the terrain park could be a jump, box, rails or 1/2 Pipe.


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